Ditty by Zya App Reviews

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Needs a bigger character limit

The only thing holding this app back is its character limit

Very fun

Its a blast putting my internal dialogues to music.


Nice work. So much fun.

What went wrong ?

The latest version no longer allows SHARE ing any created Dittys to my iMessage.. And to top that off all the songs and Super PAC I bought disappeared and cant be Restored .. Very Disappointed Aargh

Download This

This app is really good so download pls.


This app is so funny, I almost forgot my sorrows

Needs Work

It is a fun app initially, but the limited options quickly make it boring. Needs work.

Good app

Not bad for free, got a few good laughs out of it! Funny and easy to use, yes its got a few bugs and it asks for money for good songs. But then, nothing is free these days.

Is good

Its incredibly fun to mess around with and show friends what Ive made


This app is very cool. I recommend it to everyone.

Omg wow this is the best!


Whenever I try to save my Ditty, it says its saved but it wont save to my camera roll. This app is garbage, all the good reviews must be fake.

So much fun & can be great promo!

I only started 20 mins ago with this app! So far, loving some of the results. Since it asks for permission 2 use my pic gallery, I wish it would. Takes time 2 go back & forth so I may be back with more!


First of all parents Im 9 yrs old and there is some stuff that kids shouldnt be seeing. And pretty much all songs cost money


this app is hilarious! i love it so much


I love this app it is like creating ur own song

More free songs!!!!!please!!!!!

Add more free songs

Awesome app

This app is vary worth your time its hilarious and fun with almost no limits.


You can write songs about anyone. It is awesome!!! Just sent one to MERKMUSIC

More control pls!

Is there a way of stopping it from repeating the sentence? Do whatever you want to the sentence but dont repeat it. It gets in the way. Is there a way of getting more character space? Simple. Silly. Fun. Im gonna get a kick out of this one. Just wish there were more features.

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